Small Hydro Power Plants a little bit differently

We went through to change the bad reputation of Small Hydro Power Plants (SHPP). Within our projects always we try to integrate them into the environment as much as possible, or to minimize the negative impact of SHPP on the environment not only during construction but also during operation. All of us have already implemented and prepared projects arisen and will arise in this spirit.

Things of which you may not even know

Guaranteed efficiency
of the SHPP
Downstream migration of fish without injury
inflow rack
Unparalleled operational

The complexity of what do not find elsewhere

We are exceptional in the complexity of services offered. We cover activities from engineering works, through production of components SHPP until their complete realization that SHPP operation brought fewer worries and more joys for you.

Ing. Szilárd Kovács


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Čo o nás hovoria naši partneri

We chose to change the bad reputation of small hydro power plants with a view to maintaining sustainable development in the construction and operation of the SHPP.

Ing. Csaba KozsárCo-Founder

Realization of the most ecological SHPP in Slovakia

From the perspective of fish migration we were success in the project SHPP Čoltovo, where implemented our greenest small hydroelectric power plant in Slovakia.
The arrangement of boulders in fishpasses
Worm turbine production
Unloading auger turbines on-site implementation of SHPP
The first flooding fishpasses
Small hydro power plant up and running

Our main partners

KRAFT-ON Global Ltd. cooperates with many important partners who contribute the highest quality services in the field of SHPP.
SMZ Kunová Teplica
VONSCH s.r.o.

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