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Who we are

The intention of the foundation of our company under the name KRAFT Ltd. It was to build and operate their own small hydroelectric power plant in the village Čoltovo. The result of each of the view ahead of expectations. From the perspective of fish migration we have managed to implement the most ecological small hydroelectric power plant in Slovakia. Measurements of us designed and manufactured screw hydro turbine during operation demonstrated high efficiency and operational reliability, which demonstrates the high level of production quality.

Further development of the company is based on good cooperation between our external and internal experts. Suppliers of components produced by us technological devices are tested, reliable and with good references disposing company, which we chose on the basis of a thorough search. Their co-operation, we can always rely on.

We chose to change the bad reputation of small hydro power plants with a view to maintaining sustainable development in the construction and operation of the SHPP.

Ing. Csaba KozsárCo-Founder

Why choose us

The complexity of what not find anywhere else

We are exceptional in the complexity of our services. We frame the process of engineering activities through the production of individual components of SHPP until their complete implementation and commissioning.


In its entirety, we guarantee the quality of our supplied products and services through various types of guarantees.

Specialists in Small Hydro Power Plants

We specialize in offering services in the field of small hydro power plants, whether it be a technological or construction part. We primarily deal with the production of screw hydro turbines, swing mechanisms such as hat flaps or stables, with the delivery of the building part of the SHP or complete reconstruction of the SHP.

We will advise you

We will help you in selecting a suitable site for the construction of SHPP, process design to achieve optimal annual production of electricity, consult with you about the possibility of replacing an existing old technology with screw hydro turbine to SHPP operation will bring fewer worries and more joy.

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VONSCH s.r.o.
SMZ Kunová Teplica