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Do not be discouraged with the bad reputation of small hydropower plants!

See a comparison of Kaplan turbine vs. Screw hydro turbine.

Comparison of water turbines

Parameter Screw hydro turbine Kaplan turbine Notice
Efficiency 0 1 The efficiency of the screw hydro turbine to 90%, Kaplan turbines to 93%
Annual electricity 1 0 Annual electricity production is higher by screw hydro turbine, due to operational reliability and uniformity of efficiency curve.
Reliability, floating solids 1 0 Lack of cleaning equipment and fine inflow screens.
Maintenance 1 0 Rare control of operating parameters
The cost 1 0 The cost of the screw hydro turbine is lower by 20% – 40%
Construction costs 1 0 The installation of Screw hydro turbine is more simpler- lower construction costs by 20% – 30%
Time frame construction 1 0 The time for installation of a compact srew hydro turbine is only a few days.
Icing 0 1 If it is too long outdoor temperature below -15 ° C frost it can be occur. Elimination with covering.
Patency for fish 1 0 Screw hydro turbine make possible downstream fish migration without their injury.
Noise 0 1 Outside residential zone is no problem, otherwise it is eliminated by covering.
Adjustability 1 0 Using frequency inverter speed range from 0 to 125%

  • Screw water turbine
  • Kaplan turbine
  • Francis turbine
  • Water wheel
  • Banki turbine

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