Movable weirs and mechanisms

Hydraulic flap gate

Weirs are used for damming the flow and thereby allows you to use the potential energy of water. A welded are mainly of steel elements into a solid unit and are driven by mechanical or hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic flap gate is one of the most commonly used type of weir construction.


Hydraulic flap gate is welded from stillages and rolled sheets in rugged construction, the resist not only the hydrostatic pressure of water, but also the impact of suspended matter and the other forces. It is attached to its lower portion positioned plain bearings and swivels around the axis of these bearings. Bearing brackets are concreted into a dam body. hydraulic flap gates are mainly driven by hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. To seal weir flaps are used specially shaped side sills and sealants through which we can achieve almost perfect water resistance, which is very important especially during low flow rates.

Manufacturing capabilities for a single unit

Weir widht: 3 m – 20m
Head: 0,5 m – 4 m
Drive: hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic motor / linear drive

Comparison of conventional weir structures

Parameter Flap Rubber dam Notice
Robustness 1 0 Very sturdy steel construction.
Resistance to vandalism 1 0 Weir flap gates are substantially human power can not be damaged.
Construction head 1 0 Weir flap gates will allow much greater baffling heights.
Cost Price 0 1 Us supplied weir flap gates are comparable to the price of the rubber dam, especially in the context of other advantages of flap weirs.
Operational reliability 1 0 High – for simplicity, robustness and resistance to vandalism.
Lifetime 1 0 Lifetime of weir flap gates over 30 years, which can be extended by appropriate measures.
Integration into the environment 0 1 Rubber dam their kidney shaped to better fit into the surrounding environment.

Gate valv


The gate valve typically serves to close the turbine inlet, to drain the gravel or water from the SHPP . In exceptional cases, it can be applied for damming the flow. It consists of a large flat-panel steel board on the wet side and from the transverse and vertical steel profiles on the air side.

Production options per unit

Gate width: 1 m – 8 m
Gate height: 1 m – 4 m
Drive: hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic motor / linear drive

Hydraulic flap gate vs. Gate valve

The main difference compared weir types is in the drive mode and the direction of movement of the construction structure. The gate valve moves vertically through roller bearings that are guided by steel profiles embedded in the side pillars of the hat. Linear motor with threaded rods or hydraulic cylinders with hydromotors can be used to drive the stakes. With the system of side and threshold seals is guaranteed by perfect waterproofness.