Screw hydro turbines for power plants

Principle of operation

Screw water turbine is structurally very similar to the screw pump, only with the opposite direction of energy flow.

How does it work

Water flows freely and their weight acts on the curved blades of the turbine worm. Emerging rotational movement via a flexible coupling bolt transmitted to the gearbox of which continues into the generator. Asynchronous generator will ensure the transformation of the rotational kinetic energy into electrical energy, thereby fulfilling the purpose of the process equipment. The path of electricity from the generator continues with power cables to the control cabinet, which is designed to adjust the quality of the generated electricity to distribution companies required level. It is equipped with the necessary devices and protections for proper and safe operation of process equipment. Managing distributor also serves to maximize the electricity produced at a given flow ratios. Using your touchscreen (resp. PC or mobile) distributor constitutes a single interface between the technological equipment and routine operation. From the control cabinet path electricity produced goes directly or through substations to distribution network.

Manufacturing capabilities for a single unit

Type: trough fo concreting / self-supporting steel trough
Nominal inflow: 0,5 – 16,5 m3 / s
Nominal head: 1 – 10 m (economical from 1.5m)
Nominal electrical output: 5 – 500 kW
Turbine diameter: 0,8 m – 5 m
Number of blades: 3 – 5
The range of speed control: 0 – 125 %
Nominal turbine efficiency of 89% (Cost-effective)
Nominal system efficiency of 80% (Cost-effective)

Comparison of efficiency of hydraulic turbines
  • Screw water turbine
  • Kaplan turbine
  • Francis turbine
  • Water wheel
  • Banki turbine

Comparison of efficiency of hydraulic turbines

Parameter Screw hydro turbine Kaplan turbine Notice
Efficiency 0 1 The efficiency of the screw hydro turbine to 90%, Kaplan turbines to 93%
Annual electricity 1 0 Annual electricity production is higher by screw hydro turbine, due to operational reliability and uniformity of efficiency curve.
Reliability, floating solids 1 0 Lack of cleaning equipment and fine inflow screens.
Maintenance 1 0 Rare control of operating parameters
The cost 1 0 The cost of the screw hydro turbine is lower by 20% – 40%
Construction costs 1 0 The installation of Screw hydro turbine is more simpler- lower construction costs by 20% – 30%
Time frame construction 1 0 The time for installation of a compact srew hydro turbine is only a few days.
Icing 0 1 If it is too long outdoor temperature below -15 ° C frost it can be occur. Elimination with covering.
Patency for fish 1 0 Screw hydro turbine make possible downstream fish migration without their injury.
Noise 0 1 Outside residential zone is no problem, otherwise it is eliminated by covering.
Adjustability 1 0 Using frequency inverter speed range from 0 to 125%